Product name of smbios return The operator "smbios" is not defined

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Good afternoon,

I created one analysis which should bring product_name of smbios, however return the message “The operator “smbios” is not defined.”.

Anyone know the solution for this problem, please?


Thiago Cavalari

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This could be because the version of the client that you are trying to use the SMBIOS inspector on does not support the SMBIOS inspector, or it could be that the client on the particular OS you are trying to use the SMBIOS inspector does not support it.

What version of client are you running that you are experiencing this error on? What Operating System?

According to this page, SMBIOS requires v8.0+ unless on ubuntu, then it requires 8.1+ and it only works on Windows and Linux:

Also, see my related analyses using SMBIOS here:

Also related, but not using SMBIOS:

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Sorry for my English, i’m from Brazil.

Really, before had the operating system Windows 2008 R2 and the version of client was 9.0.787.0 and returning the smbios information, now is AIX 6.1 and the version of de client is 9.0.649.0 and not returning the smbios information.

Isn’t possible returning the smbios information for operating system AIX 6.1?

Thanks for your answer.

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This page:

Lists the Platform support for the SMBIOS inspector as: Win:8.0+, Lin:8.0+, Ubu:8.1+

I guess this means the inspector does not work on AIX since it is not listed, though I can’t say for certain since I’m not familiar with AIX.

How would you get the information you are looking for using the AIX command line? or is there a file that could be read to find this information? It could be that you would be able to work around this limitation by looking in the right place using relevance, or a task+relevance combination to read the output of a command.