Problem with "action parameter query" default value

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In our architecture, we have different customers implemented on one BES server. Each customer must see only its computers.

I created a task using the “action parameter query” syntax. It works fine, except that it keeps last entry in memory, so that if you apply the task once again, you can see what answer previous user entered when prompted to.

This is a problem because the task ask for a customer network specific element, and we don’t want other customers to know it (and customers don’t want others to see this information !).

Is there a way to disable caching of parameter, or to make it available only for the user who deployed the task ?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Arnaud,

The action parameters are actually stored on a per user basis, but it is a per Windows user basis not per console user. Check HKCU\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Console\ActionParameterCache and you’ll see the values.

So as long as operators are using different windows accounts they will not see each others’ action parameter queries.


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Hi Jesse,

It should be ok with our production platform, as each BES user is also a Windows user, connecting through Citrix.

Thanks for your help.