Problem deleting BES administrator

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Hi, we have an issue when trying to remove a BES administrator who has left the company.

We are using the BEs Admin tool and logging in with the Site Admin private key and password.

When we select the user to delete we get the following error message:

‘Error Class no authorised signature’.

Any ideas?.



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Hi Ben,

Some questions for you:

  1. What version of BigFix are you using?

  2. Was this user promoted from a “normal operator” to a “master operator”?

  3. Did this operator actively use the product or is it possible they never sent out any actions?

These questions were prompted by this Forum entry:


(imported comment written by BenUK77791)

Hi Noah,

  1. We are using BES

  2. I believe the user was a ‘master operator’ rather than promoted operator.

  3. Yes, the operator did actively use the product.

I appear to be able to remove his ’ change’ rights which in effect sets his logon to disabled but I would prefer that he was removed.

I’ve just found a couple of open actions that were created by him but stored in the Master operators site. In the meantime I’ll stop these actions.