Presentation Debugger in v.6 vs. v.7

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Someone over at bigfix helped us write the statement below to extract the computer names via a list of MAC addresses in a text file. This has been working great. We are preparing to upgrade to 7 in the coming weeks and have been testing a few things out. I tried the same statement in the presentation debugger in v.7 and I am getting the following error: Error: The operator “files” is not defined. Does anyone know if something has changed in relevance language? Is there something we are missing or need to change to make this work?


unique values of items 0 of items 0 of (((name of it, concatenation of values of results (bes property “MAC address”,it)) of bes computers whose (exists name of it AND exists value of result (bes property “MAC address”,it))),(lines of files “C:\mac.txt”)) whose (item 0 of it as string contains item 1 of it as string as lowercase)

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Hey bchae,

The “files” inspector isn’t defined in session relevance unless you move your dll files around… Remember that I warned you about this a while ago? :slight_smile: