Powershell fixlet - options for returning script results?

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Is there a simpler way to get a powershell return from clients without throwing it into a log file that has to be gathered from each client? I see multiple references to this location "Out-File "{(pathname of folder “__BESData__Global\Logs” Is that location easier to gather results from the clients? I would love to have a corporate SMB share on all domains that I could simply dump the hostname and results to, but I do not have that luxury, Trying to see if there are any other options through the BES client, etc…

I tried searching for this info, but just getting way too many hits. If anyone knows a different option or can even direct me toward documentation I would really appreciate it.


Without knowing the specifics of what data you’re working with and how it would be consumed, you can upload files to the root server using the built-in Archive Manager functionality available via the BigFix platform. Once files are uploaded to the root server you can copy them to remote shares, stage them for consumption by other app, etc. Lots of options here.
Archive Manager

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If you want to take this route, I can provide you with an example BigFix task that monitors the root server’s UploadManager folder for files with a specific naming convention and them moves them to another folder of your choosing (like a staging folder). From there you can do whatever you want. If you haven’t already tried, it can be hard digging through the UploadManager folder and picking files out manually.

Yes - That sounds perfect. If you have any simple examples that would help a lot. I also want to copy a signed powershell module to multiple clients, and I do not have a SMB share pull from. Archive Manager mentions a component to collect files, but can it also deliver a share or mount point to the clients that I can pull from?

Have you considered using the built-in PowerShell option for actionscript? Alternatively you can try something like this as well → How to deploy a PowerShell script using BigFix - Customer Support

I just realized I posted the wrong version. I’ll update once I get back in front my computer tomorrow morning. EDIT: Can’t have more than 3 consecutive replies. I guess the Forum thinks I’m in an echo chamber.

Anyway… Here’s a working example of a task that will keep an eye out for uploaded files and then move them to wherever you want. In this case we’re dealing with client log files that are uploaded with another task that leverages the archive manager - I can provide an example of that also if you want. Once executed, the task moves the files to a specified folder and also offers the option of copying said files to a remote file share. I had a more complex version I was going to post, but decided to water it down so its easier to use as a demo and also probably easier to use as a starting point for your own work. Let me know if you have questions.
File Upload Monitor Example.bes (13.7 KB)