Possibility of creating a fixlet to email the relevance results

is it possible to create a fixlet that would email the relevance results

Could you provide more details around what you are trying to achieve? Are you asking to be able to have an emailed report containing the list of machines that are relevant or applicable to a given Fixlet?

Thanks Aran - here is my situation

i have a active log file and i need to search for specific texts in the log file but my relevance cannot work if the log file is active, so i created a fixlet to make a copy of the log file and i ran my relevance against the copied log file, now we want to get email alerts if the relevance finds the specific word we are looking for.

here is my relevance
exists line whose (it contains “ActionTaken=ARW_ACTION_KILL_THREAD” ) of file “C:\Windows\Temp\MBAMSERVICE\MBAMSERVICE.LOG”

It’s certainly possible to send an email via PowerShell for instance, and invoke that via an actionscript within the Fixlet. Alternatively, if your Fixlet’s applicability relevance looks for the existence of the specific text, you could leverage Web Reports’ Scheduled Activities feature to send emails based on the Fixlet being relevant.


the fixlet just moves the log file its the relevance that searches for the specific words.

is there a way to add my relevance to a fixlet and have the fixlet email via webreports?

also i can apply a filter in web reports for the relevance but unsure how can it generate the email after i apply the filter

think i found my answers here