Policy to deploy scanner, Initiate software scan, Upoad software scan results and Run capacity scan and upload results

As I deploy new agents in BigFix, is it possible to make all four actions (below) into a policy? So that everytime I deploy an agent, the following actions are executed on the endpoint?
1: Install or Upgrade Scanner
2: Initiate Software Scan
3: Upload Software Scan Results
4: Run Capacity Scan and Upload Results

I want to make these policies so that as I push out agents I don’t have to keep repeating these steps.

Thanks for your help!

The response is Yes.

You can use a Baseline that performs that tasks. The most important think will be to write the relevance code, where you could use the Installation Date as reference to know if it’s need to run the baseline, another approach is create a file that works a flag.
There are another ideas to do this.

Thanks for the reply. I will try to do this and report back the results.