Patching SuSE 11


I applied SCC Plugin and the external site “Patches for SLE 11 Native Tools” is available.
When I execute a filxet to apply a patch, originally it was “relevant” but at the end it becomes “not relevant”. I am not able to run any other fixlet under I execute cleanup.

Relevant - TROUBLESHOOTING: SUSE 11 Patching Deployment Logs - Cleanup (fixlet:300)
This fixlet just removes “zypp” directory which was created and downloaded contents for previous fixlet.

I am suspecting if there is configuration issue with the external site “Patches for SLE 11 Native Tools”.
Had similar issue with CentOS plugin R2 but it was resolved after enabling the external site under Dashboard.

Does anyone have a clue? Opened case with IBM but haven’t get the clear answer for a week.

Thank you.

BigFix 9.5.2
Endpoint : SuSE 11 sp2