Patching Native Language Systems Recommendations

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We have about 10% of the systems in our environment (1500+native language machines) that run native language versions of workstation operating systems. The rest are English OS.

What is the recommendation for patching these native language systems? Include all the versions of a specific patch in one baseline? Or, split out the English language patch into one baseline, then have another baseline containing all the native language versions.

I would prefer to not have indivivdual actions for each native language as that exponentially increases workload and administration. We have probably 10 native language operating systems in our environment that all must be patched.


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Hey snoczp,

Other people can hopefully chime in on what they find more efficient from an administration standpoint, but you do want to be cautious for baselines that are too big so any option that leads to baselines that are over 150-200 (with efficient mime enabled) will probably begin to cost you some client performance…