Patch release for IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices (site version 31)

(imported topic written by SystemAdmin)

MDM GA site version 31 has been updated with fixes for the following bugs (along with other minor content fixes) -

  1. We found intermittent database timeout and general slowness issues with the iOS extender which led to overall sluggishness in response to actions taken from the console. The problem was traced to some components that iOS extender internally depends on, which we’ve now replaced.

  2. In certain scenarios the ProxyAgent action processing logic would block devices from processing actions while another device had a pending command. The problem depended on the internal order of the devices in the ProxyAgent memory and only manifested for devices after a device with a pending command.

  3. ProxyAgent would crash in some cases when a command was sent to a non-existent device.

You should see the Enrollment and iOS Management Extender’s upgrade fixlet relevant in the console.