Patch Management for Ubuntu planned?

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I see that in 8.1 Bigfix released an official Ubuntu client. Does Bigfix plan to do patch management for Ubuntu in the near future? What is everyone using the Bigfix Ubuntu client for?



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We plan on using Bigfix on our Ubuntu roll out as well. I would like to have Bigfix install packages from a repository so Bigfix would issue apt-get commands and log the results. Is anyone else doing this?

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Looking forward to seeing a natty client (11.04). Not sure if I will use it for patch management, but I do use BigFix quite heavily for other non-patch related tasks on Windows clients, and, if a client is released, I don’t see *nix being any different.


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So far our tests have gotten a working Ubuntu repository working on a Bigfix relay. We can issue apt-get and the client grabs packages from the test relay. The next step is to get clients across the country pull from their local relay automatically, then we can use Bigfix to issue the needed apt-get command and not bother with writing a script to download and install updates or the dependencies of an application we want to install.

Since the BF client for Ubuntu cannot list installed applications using the API, we will have to issue "dpkg-query -l " and then parse the output for names and version numbers.

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To answer the original question by Scooby - yes, we are in fact planning on providing patch management content for Ubuntu. We are targeting to release audit fixlets for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS by early 2012. We will follow that up with a more complete coverage including remedial actions for the same versions later on.