Parameterized Fixlet Tuple Results Not Working


I love Parameterized Fixlets and I know that they aren’t fully supported but I was hoping someone could maybe take a look at this issue for me.

I am seeing that vrt_utils.js currently uses a simple check for tuple results:

var relQueryResultArr=String(relResultArray[i]).split(',')

Essentially it splits the result on a comma instead of doing a real tuple check. This causes returned values like, “sqlserver,port\instance” to return just “sqlserver”.

Is there anyway to get an update to vrt_utils to properly parse these?


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In addition it looks like the FixletUtils.startFixletRender() function was added to simplify the javascript in the fixlets (from having to add the globalized messages).

However it looks like there is a typo in the function that prevents it from working:

FixletUtils.startFixletRender = function(libFixletSiteName){
	if (typeof libFixletSiteName === "undefined" ){
		libFixletSiteName = "BES Support";
	var relQuery = "(messages of it) of bes fixlets whose (name of it = \"Parameterized Fixlet Library\" and ((name of it ) of site of it = \"" + libFixletSiteName +"\" ))";
	var messages = EvaluateRelevance(relQuery);

	var regex = /\s*<DIV id=globalizationMessageDiv>([\x00-\x7F]+)\s*<\/Div>/i;
	var matches = regex.exec(messages);

In particular it looks like in the message of the Parameterized Fixlet Library fixlet the div <DIV id=globalizationMessageDiv> is actually <DIV id=globalizationMessageDiv style="display:none;"> which causes the regex to not work and startFixletRender to produce an error.

Fixing this would help reduce the size of the script we have to add to our parameterized fixlets :slight_smile:


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If anyone else is wondering about this in general, see here: How to use Parameterized Fixlets