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Hey everyone, im new into Bigfix, so im kinda green with all the stuff u can do on it, im verry hype though, and i kinda need someones help.

Im been trying to get Office 2003 SP2 to all the PCs on my network, the thing is i been trying to make a fixlet that could help me out with that, with no success, im trying to figure out how to do it, i need it to:

Install Office 2003 SP2 on computers that count with Outlook 2003, and all that in silent mode. I hope i can get a little of help here, like i said im new, and i been looking all over the forums for answers with no luck. Please help me out, Thx

I been running this:


continue if { (size of it = 106631187 and sha1 of it = “15fda3fc811841915d588109d6e446616fd7cb42”) of file “big12D5.tmp” of folder “__Download”}

extract big12D5.tmp

wait __Download\Office2003SP2-KB887616-FullFile-ENU.exe /qn

dunno if im doing it right, if im not it would be appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction.

BTW all this is cause of the need tp patch things up for the DST. So i need to do it asap.

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Hey Carlos,

Your actionscript looks pretty good… Is it working for you or are you having a specific issue?


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Well i cant seem to make it work the way i do, i do analyses over my pcs, and it shows me lets say about 100 pcs with outlook 2003 with no sps what so ever, 1 or 2, and what i want it to be able to run the SP2 patch on those PCs in silent mode. Theres a fixlet that lets me run SP2 patch when SP2 its preaviously installed, but not with out it. Another thing is, i got some of those PCs with Office XP or 2000, with the 2003 outlook version, and those dont show as well.

So i dunno how hard is to make a script that can do this, could u help me out. Like i said im new to this scripting.

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Hi Carlos,

I think the best thing to do is to update the computers with Outlook 2003 -> Outlook 2003 SP2 using the existing Fixlet: “UPDATE: Office 2003 Service Pack 2 Available - Windows 2000/XP/2003”.

To upgrade previous versions of Office to Office 2003, you need to make sure that your package can handle the upgrade from Office 2000 and Office XP, and then you need to add relevance to the Fixlet you created so that it knows which computers to apply on. The relevance looks something like this:

(exists regapp “excel.exe” AND exists regapp “winword.exe”) AND (version of regapp “excel.exe” <= “11” AND version of regapp “winword.exe” <= “11”)

JR asked a similar question recently at: http://forum.bigfix.com/viewtopic.php?id=704 so you should read through this posting too.