OS Deployment server with ILO

anyone knows how to deploy an operating system to a server from the ILO ?. I would like to launch the system from the server Ilo to be the only access I have to the server in question.

Bigfix ----> ILO (Server) —> Run windows pe for deployment.
ILO = VPRO of INTEL on server

Hello, you can use ILO to get remote access to a machine and initiate a PXE boot to deploy an OS, or alternatviely, to mount a ISO image to simulate a pxe boot or to deploy an OS in offline mode with BigFix OSD.
Does this address your question? If not, can you provide some more detail on this scenario?


Sorry, but he believed that one could not use the .iso PXE to boot from the ILO 's servidor.Intentaré do , thanks for the information.