Operator References Bug?

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In my 8.2.1079 deployment, I just noticed that any reference to a new LDAP operator (either under the comments of a fixlet where a comment was added), or under the results of the BES Managment Rights analysis, any of my new LDAP operators are referenced with weird names. I’m assuming this is a bug. Can anyone confirm?







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anyone else seeing this?

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IBM Support says this is bug #44017

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That doesn’t look like the correct bug, as it references the ability to transition users from local accounts to LDAP accounts. The bug I can find is more narrow, discussing the odd operator ID showing up in the comments of an analysis. To be clear, this is only showing up for you with LDAP operators, not with new local operators? I will update the bug with your information.

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correct, only showing strange for ldap operators.