One Thousand

(imported topic written by jessewk)

This is my 1000th forum post. I thought it would be a good time to stop and thank everybody for contributing and making this place a great resource. Personally I think it’s rare to find a company forum with so much candor and such a wealth of valuable information. It’s not part of my job description and it would be really easy for me to never post again, but it’s one of the things I do for BigFix that I enjoy most. I’m proud to be a part of it.

A couple of interesting facts…

  • I joined the forum on 07/31/2006. How many days between posts is that, you ask? Let’s find out:

Q: (it / 1000) of (current date - date “31 Jul 2006”)
A: 1 day, 01:56:38.400

Which is how many posts/day?

Q: 1000 as floating point / ((current date - date “31 Jul 2006”) / (1 * day))
A: .9251

  • The most frequent poster by far is Ben Kus, currently at 2925 and probably typing #2926 right now… So he posts every 08:58:35 hours or 2.6737 times per day. Get some sleep Ben!!

  • The next closest is Tyler Duni with 443 total. I’m headed for a month long vacation starting tomorrow (yay!) so that should give Tyler plenty of time to catch up while I’m gone.

  • Today, there have been 5 new accounts registered

Okay, I have post #1001 almost ready to go so I’ll stop here, but thanks again everybody!