Old Non-Relevant Fixlets

I just took over our Bigfix environment and I’m curious to know what to do with patches going back to 1999? I have tons of these showing no relevance and for good reason :smiley: I so far cannot find anything or anybody talking about cleaning such things up. Thanks


“Superseded” Fixlet messages are eventually removed.


Hi Thank you for the quick response. I was hoping for some type of override :slight_smile: There should be a way to remove fixlets for Office 2000 when it’s been a decade since we had this. I have over 90,000 fixlets going back to 1998. Is this normal?

You could un-depress this button to only see relevant items:

You can also hide things:

See the following section in documentation that talks about this:


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Thanks Ninja :slight_smile: I figured as so, so hiding I will go. I understand if there is no relevance it will hide quietly in the background. Thanks for your help

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I’m not certain of this, but I think if you go and globally hide items that you know for sure no one in your environment will need, then it may reduce the amount of things the console sessions for non-master operators will have to load.

This is what I ultimately did :slight_smile: Works for me