Offices patches MS10-004 issues

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I have encountered several issues with the office patch MS10-004,

The actions are completed and the status of the client is at “Pending Restart”. However, after rebooting the

machine the status becomes failed therefore i went in to check the actions in the console to see at which stage does it failed but there wasnt any failure indicated and all actions was completed.

I suspect the actions was terminated during installation of the patch but wasnt so sure, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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Hey Anthony,

I haven’t heard of any issues with the patch… what happens if you do a test where you apply it manually? Perhaps you can contact support and they can help you troubleshoot further:


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Hi Ben,

Managed to find out the cause after a series of troubleshooting.

The particular fixlet for MS10-004 will somehow go to microsoft website to do a success criteria check and those machine machine do not have internet connection therefore the action will be evaluated to be failed all the time when it reached that stage.

We did a manual installation and it resolved the issue. However, just curious why does it perform the success criteria check that access internet directly after installation. As you can see, not all machines are able to access internet due to corporate requirements. The fixlet may need to be reviewed again to avoid such cases from happening to those machines which does not have internet connections.

Thanks and Best Regards


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Hey Anthony,

Hmm… I have never heard a MS patch requiring such a behavior, but I will try to look into it…