Number of custom sites - are there limits here?

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We are looking to increase the number of custom sites in order to control both what computers content will be subscribed to and to also limit what end users can actually view.

Are there any limits that anyone has run into with custom sites? I potentially will be at about 800 sites with any computer subscribing to no more then 100 if we make this change.



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Hey Gary,

I don’t think there is a theoretical limit for custom sites, but I don’t think we tested with this many Fixlet sites… Do you really have 800 different sets of content for your operators? Does global hiding help reduce that?


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I really do need to control who can see specific content and the best way to do that as I can see it is to create custom sites based on the number of operator roles that are possible and limit by readers and writers as necessary.

Any suggestions on what I should be watching for when I start testing this.