"not reported" shown as compliant

I’m wondering why a computer where an SCA Analyse shows as result “not reported” is shown within SCA Report as “compliant” for this check?
From my point of view this is more or less incorrect.
Even of course the analye should not have “not reported” but a security / compliance report has to be correct. Even “non-compliant” would be better to give a sign that something is not well with this computer.

If you refer to one of the “Measured Values” analyses, those (as far as I have seen) are not involved in scoring the checklists. The Analyses are useful in debugging why a particular check is failing, but the scoring itself comes from the Fixlets.
A Relevant fixlet indicates a noncompliant checklist item.

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Ah, your’re absolutely right, thanks.
This issue happens for me usually when working with custom sites and edited fixlets / analyses.
To get a workaround I will built a webreport for “not reported”.