No data in 'reported' computers

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I’ve got a wierd situation with my deployment at the moment. I have four servers that are successfully reporting nothing at all! They appear in both the Computers tab on the console and in All Computers in Web Reports but nearly all the fields show as ‘’ ! Some fields are there - Last Report Time, Relay, Fist Checkin Time and Computer ID (the Windows server does have an IP address so I might be able to track that one down)

If I remove them from the database, the promptly reappear next time they report (still with no data).

Do you have a document, or know of a solution, that I can use to try and track back what the real computer is and try and find out why it’s not reporting ‘proper’ information?

I’ve added a screenshot in case it help clarify my problem.

(Doug - I know we talked about this when you were with us last week but I’m still having problems resolving the issues! )

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if the clients in error are accepting actions, I would push the task “TROUBLESHOOTING: Reset the BES Client”. Hopefully this will set the client back to default.

If they are not accepting actions, delete the regkeys that the task would delete, remove the computer from the console, then restart the BES client.

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Unfortunately they don’t appear to be accepting Tasks and I can’t delete the regkeys as I don’t know what servers they are :frowning: