Next Free Drive Letter

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I’ve tried figuring this out and not had much joy.

I’d like to retrieve the next free drive letter with relevance language

I can do this in VB but I want to pass the drive letter as a parameter later on in the action script so would like to use relevance language

Can anyone advise on this?



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Hi Steve,

Try this and let me know if it works. My laptop has drives C and D.

q: hexadecimal string (((it + 1) as string) of maximum of ((firsts 1 of string values of selects “name from win32_logicaldisk” of wmi) as hexadecimal as integer))

A: E

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Hi Lee

Thanks for looking at this.

It works, but not completely.

If for instance I have my S: drive mappoed but F: - R: are free. When I run the relevance it tells me the next free drive is T: when I’d expect to see F:

Also, if I map my Y: drive and run the relevance is returns the character ’ instead of a drive letter (this is with Z: not mapped)



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This is ugly but it seems to work for me:

q: names of drives as string A: C: A: D: A: H: T: 0.045 ms I: plural string   q: preceding text of first 
"#" of concatenation 
"#" of elements of (set of (
"Z:") - set of (names of drives as string)) A: E: T: 0.218 ms I: singular substring

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I like it!

The logic makes sense, and the results are perfect.

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Works good for me too.


Although only on version 7