[newbie] Strange behaviour with qna on *nix

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I’m in the process to design fixlets, actually crawling with FS inspectors on a Solaris box used as a fixlet dev platform:

Q: names of filesystems

A: /

A: /usr

A: /proc

A: /dev/fd

A: /etc/mnttab

A: /var

A: /var/run

A: /home

A: /SOL9

A: /opt

A: /tmp

A: /SOL9/home

A: /SOL9/opt

A: /SOL9/tmp

T: 15796857

Q: name of filesystem “/usr/lib”

A: /usr

T: 10226463

Q: setuid of filesystem “/usr/lib”

E: The operator “setuid” is not defined.

For sure I did something wrong but I fail to figure it out…

Another question: would return vfs table MS_NOSUID or mount point S_ISUID bit ?


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Try these two queries:

(it, setuids of it) of (files (names of filesystems))

(it, setuids of it) of (folders (names of filesystems))

The results of the query

properties whose (it as string contains “filesystem”)

seem to indicate that you can only use setuid with an object that has the type “filesystem object”. A “filesystem” – in terms of Relevance – is not of the type “filesystem object”.

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You’re absolutely right. I just went too fast on this one, my bad…