New to BigFix - Need urgent help please

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Just joined a company and have been tasked to expand bigfix across europe and asia and setup/create fixlets etc.

They do not seem to have any documents on hand so I was wondering if anyone can point me to the place on IBM website or the old Bigfix site that has detailed documentation on the below:

  1. How to setup a relay server?

  2. How to create fixlets manually and also any new patching that Microsoft release.

  3. How to create any kind of fixlets - I want to roll out service packs and HP PSP updates via Bigfix as well.

  4. How to administer users and best way to utilize Bigfix

I know there are a few questions but am really new to this so any help would be beneficial!

The company seem to have to have had non interest in bigfix for about 3 years now and just recently they have had a major audit point come out in terms of patching - so really need to get this all fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks and look forward to replies.



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Best practice is to search this forum for what you are looking for.

Also, use the suppoort site:

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Our wiki is a great place to look at too:


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wiki is brilliant!

Thanks a lot for that.

found some videos on youtube on it that helps a lot. Wish there were more!

Thanks for all the help.