New to Asset Discovery - Not liking it

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I can’t seem to do simple things - like EDIT a scan I previously created. I mean, I CAN, but I’d have to go into the crazy action script to add additional subnets, etc.

Is the only way to perform a scan to do it by subnet?

Are there any new-user tips anyone would suggest? I’m putting a lot of effort into this thing when I thought it would be rather simple.


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Hi canyonrch,

Asset Discovery is designed to have lots of scanpoints that scan their local subnets… You can set fewer scanpoints to scan a large number of subnets, but it sort of defeats the purpose…

To edit the subnets, I think you can edit the actionscript like you said (and the line to edit is basically an NMAP command-line) or you can re-run the wizard and make a new action.