New Features released in Mobile Device Management for iOS 6!

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IBM has released several new features in the Mobile Device Management Fixlet Site for IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager.

New configuration profile features

-Configure a profile to automatically be removed at a specified date

-Disable recent contacts from syncing for a given email account

-Disable passbook while device is locked

-Disable shared photo streams

New configuration profile features for devices supervised by Apple Configurator

-Enforce routing all HTTP traffic through a global proxy

-Lock the device to a single application and disable the home button

-Disable user installation of configuration profiles and certificates

-Disable game center

-Disable bookstore and set rating restriction on bookstore

To enable these features, the iOS Management Extender should be upgraded to the newest version using Fixlet 94, “Upgrade Management Extender for Apple iOS”.

Published site version:

Mobile Device Management, version 44

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Blog post about the release is here: