"Network path not found" deploying to Vista 64

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This is pretty much just an FYI…

Deploying to a non-localized version of Vista 64-bit (TRANSLUCENT is the computer’s name):

TRANSLUCENT: Assembling computer name... Connecting to remote machine... Copying installation files... Opening the Service Control Manager... Creating the installer service... Starting the installer service... Waiting 

for setup.exe to finish... Deleting the installer service... Waiting 10 seconds to verify installation... Verifying installation... Waiting 10 seconds to verify installation... Installation Error: Windows Error: The network path was not found.   Deleting installation files... Closing connection... Installation failed.

Despite the error message, the installation seems to have been successful; the BES client was installed and is reporting correctly.

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What version of the BES Client Deploy Tool are you using? I believe this was an issue where the network connection was closed before the status was returned so the final check if the installation was successful reported the error (which as you mention didn’t actually affect the install).

If I remember correctly, I thought this was addressed in BES 7.0, but I would need to check…