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I’m trying to automate the installtion of SNMP on Windows servers. When done manually, I’m prompted for the Windows source files (i386). Its not practical to include the whole i386 folder in a WSD Wizard task. Also, because the BES client runs as system, I’m under the impression that a NET USE could not be used unless the credentials of a valid domain user were supplied. I can’t do this because it means I’d have to inlcude the password in clear text.

I know how to use appendfile to make a batch file “on the fly” in an action script. I know how to use sysocmgr to install SNMP. I know how to use REG IMPORT to configure it. I just dont know how to handle the prompt for a path to the cab files.

Any suggestions?


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I’d use sysinternals process monitor to watch an installation, figure out which files are actually needed, and then send those with the SWD wizard.

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Thanks for the reply.