Need to extract the servers where IBM application is installed on both Windows and unix servers

I am using IEM 9.1 version .I want to extract a report for the servers where IBM Application is installed on both Windows and unix servers using IEM Webreporting.

Hello thamayanthi,

Can you provide a bit more detail about the IBM application you wish to report on?

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Hi ,

I would like to extract the servers where “IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent” or “TAD4D agent” or “IBM Endpoint manager client” is installed on both unix and windows servers.

You could look for certain things in the file system to detect this, or on windows use the uninstall key of the registry. There might be an equivalent place on *nix to look for installed items, like package receipts on the Mac or something to do with RPMs if that is how they are installed on the *nix machines in question.

In BigFix, I would create an analysis for this. I would then create a property separately for each OS and application combination you wish to detect. If you must have a single property for this, only combine them into a single property AFTER you have created them all separately and validated that they work as expected.