Need some help

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I am having problems getting my relevance to work that looks for the value of a DWORD String (GinaDLL). This is what I have, I keep getting Singular expression refers to nonexistent object.

exists value “pssogina.dll” of key “Software\microsoft\windows nt\CurrentVersion\winlogon\GinaDLL” of key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” of registry

Where am I going wrong?

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From your first sentence, it sounds like GinaDLL is the name of the value, not the key.


exists value “GinaDLL” of key “Software\microsoft\windows nt\CurrentVersion\winlogon” of key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” of registry

return true?

If so, the correct way to check if the value of GinaDLL is pssogina.dll would be

exists value “GinaDLL” whose (it as string = “pssogina.dll”) of key “HKLM\Software\microsoft\windows nt\CurrentVersion\winlogon” of registry

There’s also the chance that you’re on a 64-bit system, and need to inspect the x64 registry instead of just “registry”.

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It returns false when I run the QNA tool

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The name of the Key is GinaDLL, the type is REG_SZ and the data is pssogina.dll. Does that help?


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Try native registry, and possibly the as lowercase:

exists value “GinaDLL” whose (it as string as lowercase = “pssogina.dll”) of key “HKLM\Software\microsoft\windows nt\CurrentVersion\winlogon” of native registry

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That resolved it. Thank you for the help.