Need relevance to evaluate based on Scheduled tasks

Hi Team,

I am deploying the action based on the relavnace evaluated .
The Relevance would evaluate task based on scheduled task status .

So i have a batch script windowsserv_critical.bat whose status may be ready or running or queued .but the action should only run when the state is ready. so i found out.
(name of it, ready state of it) of scheduled tasks
windowsserv_critical.bat , True
Adobe Updater , False

So ready state represent true
so i wrote something like this :—
exists (name of it contains “windowsserv_critical.bat” , ready state of it as string contains “True”) of scheduled tasks

A: true

but it gives true if the condition is false .

Please help !!!


exists scheduled tasks whose (name of it contains "windowsserv_critical.bat" and ready state of it)
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Thanks Jason . It worked… :smile: