Need information of clients which are reporting to a relay

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i am looking for the information of clients which are reporting to a relay. is there any file on the relay which stores such information?

You can view these data within your console view, Relay RP I guess bydefault added within your console view, if not you can add that, once added go to computers → By Retrieved Properties → Relay

Click on whichever relay you want to view the clients reporting to it.

Apart from that you can view the same information from Webreport & Webui.

WebUI → Devices → Manage Columns → add Relay RP

Once added go to Relay column & filter the results based on the relay whichever you want.


And from Webreport → Explore Data → Edit Columns → Select Relay RP

@vk.khurava Thanks for the reply.
What i am actually looking is there any file or anything which is stored on the relay server itself. i want this information from the relay server not from the console and webui.

The short answer is NO ! The file registrationlist.db may contain the answer, but its not human readable; it is therefore best to obtain the information from the console, webreport, and webui.

The registrationlist.db is a SQLite database so can be viewed by tools such as DB Browser for SQ Lite and most programmatically via PowerShell once suitable libraries are installed, e.g. System.Data.SQLite: Downloads Page

Technically also possible to parse using the SQLite relevance inspectors but that would encounter issues with large files and may result in file locks that impact the relay service. I’ve seen that file in excess for 700MB in some cases, with millions of rows

Q: number of rows of statement "select ComputerID from COMPUTER_REGISTRATIONS" of sqlite database of file "C:\TEMP\registrationlist.db"
A: 6210199
T: 4774.743 ms
I: singular integer
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Note though that each relay only knows about the last time a client contacted it…it doesn’t know when a client moves off to another relay.

As a client registers, that is passed up the tree so eventually the root has the most recent registration for a given client showing the next-hop relay path down to the client, but an individual relay will keep stale information for clients that have moved away.