Need help with query relevant fixlets for a certain Active Directory group

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I’m using the REST API query with relevance to retrieve the needed information.

The information which i need now is a list of fixlets which are relevant to a certain Active Directory group.

I’m using this query to get a list of fixlets which are relevant to a certain computer:

names of relevant fixlets whose (fixlet flag of it and name of site of it = “BES Support”) of bes computers

I searched the forum and found serveral posts about this in which wmi is used but i don’t think it can be used through the REST API or am i incorrect on this?

Could someone please help me on achieving this?

Thanks in advance

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Guys, thanks to another post on this forum i found a way to query all the properties of a computer:


of relevant fixlets of it, value of result from (bes property “Active Directory Path”) of it,name of it) of bes computers

Only the distinguieshednames can be retrieved from here in which the Security Groups aren’t written but only the OU’s.