Need BigFix OSD

Ok I have a need to reinstall one of my Bare Metal Servers. I’m using version but do not have this version uploaded into my dashboard.

I’ve been all over FixCentral but cannot find the installer for this version. I don’t want to load the latest version yet.

How can I find the older version downloads? All I can find in FixCentral is

@alexdinia ? Can you give some help? I’m not even sure the product is still available in fixcentral.

Hi Jason, we no longer publish bare metal server instalelrs on fixcentral, and we encourage users to move to latest bare metal server component. The bare metal server builds are always backward compatible and you should not expect any issue with the upgrade.
If you have to install a new bare metal server you can also install the latest version and keep the existing servers backlevel for a limited amount of time.
If this does not address your use case, please contact us privately.


Afraid it doesn’t address our use case. Dave opened a Sev1 PMR yesterday.

Any plans to update the dashboards to stop referring us to FixCentral? I spent a few hours digging through there yesterday, very frustrating.

Hi Jason, for your immediate problem we are updating PMR. We are considering adding some flexibility in this respect in the dashboard.