Need Automatic Relay selection Property Name for clientsettings.cfg

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I’m trying to create a custom clientsettings.cfg file for deployment and in it have a line that says to set the Relay Selection to Automatic. When an action changes it, I think it uses the name “__RelaySelect_Automatic”="1 but I want to make sure first.

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That’s the correct setting but I’m not sure using it will have your intended effect. Basically, a newly installed client only knows about the main BES Server and automatic relay selection will not find any other relays. The BES Client has to check in with the main BES Server and download the actionsite, within the actionsite is data about all the relays in your deployment and once the client has that data it can run automatic selection to find the closest relay.

It’s usually better to just use an action to enable automatic relay selection since that action will run after the relay data has been downloaded and running the action will force relay selection to occur immediately (and move the agent off of the main BES Server).

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Here is a KB article that describes the way to do it using a policy action: