Multiple File Search across all objects

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I am working for a company that has recently undergone an internal security audit. As a result, I was asked for formulate some sort of systematic function that will search each endpoint in the environment for the existance of a file from a list.

So… I have a list of filenames that I want to check against… anything from 2343.exe to index.html… while i understand this is going to yeild insane numbers of hits, I did not create the list, nor can I modify it… so I’m looking for everything from .exe to .html to .ini to .dll…

What I have been asked is to enumerate file systems looking for such files and returning their full working directory and host name.

I know how to enumerate using VBscript and batch and whatnot… but I cannot imagine the best method for this quandary would be to create an array of known file names and recourse drive directories 100 times over to check for the existence of each.

Please, any sort of insight or ideas will help me greatly!!!


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Hi Sonny,

I think you’re correct to use a VBscript, or batch script, or whatever language you’re comfortable with. I would build a hash table of the files you want to check for and then walk the disc once checking for the existence of each file name in the hash table. Write out any matches to an output file.

Depending on the size of the output file, you may want to use the upload manager to post the results rather than a retrieved property. If it’s only a few results per machine an RP should be fine, otherwise try the upload manager.