MS13-046 for Win7 x64 issue

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I was wondering if anyone else was seeing issues with this fixlet (# 1304629). We have been deploying this one to our test systems and it does seem to install and exit with a 3010 and is set to Pending Restart, but after a reboot, it comes back as failed. Checked with MBSA and it confirms that the patch was installed.

I have a PMR open on this issue, but I have not seen anyone else comment about this fixlet, so wondering if it is something on our site.

Another note, the other fixlets for this patch seem to be working fine



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We’re making a BES admin announcement for this soon, but we just recently published a modification for this fixlet. You should be able to see it in version 1779 of the Patches for Windows site. I think that should resolve the issue.