Moving BES Server to new hardware

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I’ve been looking to see if there is any sort of documentation on moving my BES Server to new hardware. However, before I get started down this path, I wanted to ask a few questions based on my specific situation.

  1. We were using BigFix in an evaluation process, but it was installed as a production system, not evaluation. The evaluation license expires the end of June.

  2. We decided on BigFix based on how good it has been performing for us, so we have purchased the product and received our new permanent licensing.

  3. I am waiting until my new hardware arrives before installing the new license files onto the system.

  4. We have licensed it based on dns name, not an IP address, but the current IP address that is linked to that DNS name will change to something outside of our “test” ip address range.

My primary goal is to see if we can basically get the new system up and running and be able to move the results of our patching from the test equipment and database to the new one.

Does anyone have any sort of documentation on how this could be done, or any suggestions on what to do?

We are running version of the software.

Thanks, and I hope this post makes some sense!


Mike Ellis

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Hi Mike,

Start here with some documentation on the process and some other user posts:

The steps should be valid for your migration process.

The main reason we like to use a DNS entry in the masthead is for these types of situations. It lets you easily change the IP Address of the BES Server through a simple DNS update, there shouldn’t be anything in bigfix tied to the real IP Address of the BES Server so updating the DNS entry is all you need to do!

If you need additional help please contact support or post questions here. It’s also possible to have an engineer onsite to assist.