Moving a TEM server

(imported topic written by KHF5_Tim_Koscielski)

We are moving our TEM server to a new server and would like to install everything new. How do I go about moving/disassociating my license file from the old server and then adding it to the new server.

What potential issues do I create in trying to do this in this fashion.

Note that I’m not worried about new client installations or masthead changes or things like that. I’m just trying to keep this as easy and as simple as possible.


(imported comment written by martinc)

Are you planning on creating the new server with a new hostname or are you going to maintain the same hostname? If you are maintaining the hostname, this is fairly simple. The steps are documented at
. Check the section “Hardware TEM Server Migration”.

If you are going for a new hostname, then you will probably have to contact your IBM sales person and get a new license. Should not take much to do it. If this is what you are doing, then I would suggest bringing up a parallel environment and migrating the relays and endpoints to the new server.

I have done both of these in the past and the first method would be the preferred for sure.