More and more Transcoding errors?

Anyone notice an increase in those with ? I manage 13000 or so PC on my side of the company, and I now get systematically 4 or 5 of those for company wide pushes… Those machines will not take any push that involves a download. Generally the fix is a client reinstall (client version upgrade works too but most are upgraded already)…

Not sure what causes that, I checked code pages and they are the same on good and bad machines, those are all the same images out there, no differences… It’s becoming more and more prevalent and not always easy to fix since the PC will not always take a push and needs to be remoted into and to run besremove/reinstall… Log examples related to this:

Log headers
ICU report character set: windows-1252
ICU fxf character set: windows-1252
ICU local character set: windows-1252
ICU transcoding between fxf and local character sets: DISABLED
ICU transcoding between report and local character sets: DISABLED
At 00:01:54 -0700 -
Report posted successfully

then further down a push attempt

At 06:52:24 -0700 -
ActionLogMessage: (group:648151,action:648154) Action bytes did not transcode to UTF8.

not super helpful…

You’d have to look at the actual action in question. Someone most likely entered something that was out of the expected codepage of the deployment.

I’d suggest opening a PMR