Monitor External URL

Hi Friends:
We would like to monitor if some servers are running fine the IIS, so their URLs are working fine.
For example http://localhost/index.html
If the URL is not working, we will apply an IISRESET command into the task. (this is our manual troubleshooting).
Thanks in advance.

It’s important firstly to remember that BigFix is not a monitoring application, it has capabilities to do so but the load can be quite big so it’s maybe worth looking at another application long term.

As a short term solution you could create a file on the IIS server and then a fixlet to apply the IIRESET command when the relevance (which is looking for said file) returns false.

This is far from an ideal solution and there is probably a cleaner way of doing it too but I hope it helps or at least guides you on a path to help.

Hi Friend, thank you for the answer. It’s ok, we will prepare a special windows service for do it.


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You could use something like Curl or Wget in a script to periodically poll the web location and parse the output to determine if it is what you expect. Those results can be fed into an analysis or e-mail alert.

I have scripts like that which I used for network ACL and firewall port validation. Say we get a new app for our users and the network team sets access to it. I can run scripts from the POV of the end users to validate whether or not they can actually access the intended resource. This has been great from an audit perspective. (This has saved my bacon multiple times as I could demonstrate the failure of the new app was due to ACLs or firewall, not the app or the install process.)

For non-web apps a tool like PortQry or even Powershell can be used to tickle specific ports.

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