Missing linux patches older than xx days

Hi, I’m trying to create a report for computers missing patches installed that are older than 2 weeks or so, so that I’ll be alerted only for problems/not installed that are over the weekly update cycle.
And I’m using the following filters in web reports:

But the date is constant, and I need to set it for something like today - 7 days, or today - 2 weeks

Any ideas how to set it on the web reports side? I’m sure I can do it in the BF side by creating analysts with right relevance, but here I’m asking for ideas on how to set it in reports side.

Unfortunately, the filters in Web Reports do not currently support specifying a date comparison in relation to the current date. That said, this is achievable via a custom report with session relevance that might look something like the following:

(display name of site of it, name of it, applicable computer count of it, source severity of it, source release date of it as string | "n/a") of bes fixlets whose (globally visible flag of it AND fixlet flag of it AND (it starts with "Patches for Ubuntu" OR it = "Patching Support" OR (it starts with "Patches for CentOS" AND it ends with "R2")) of display name of site of it AND applicable computer count of it > 0 AND (source release date of it > (current date - 7 * day)))

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Thanks a lot Aram!
I’m trying this and looks like it does the job!