Microsoft Office vErsion not included in the List

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HI All,

Microsoft Office version does not show on my list of Software, Im trying to create contracts for Office 2007, Office 2010 etc but cannot find on the list of software. Do i need to update my server? Anyone encountered the same problem? Im Using Sua 2.1.



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Hello Braian,

I verified on SUA 2.0 & 2.2 that it is possible to create contracts for MS Office products. See the included screen shots.

When you create a contract, please make sure that

  • A contract is created on appropriate level of a software title (Software Product, Software Version, Software Release). For MS Office most users may find the Software Version as the appropriate level
  • A current software catalog is imported on your SUA server

Also it is recommended to install all available patches on SUA server

Kind regards

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Krzysztof Pienkows

Thanks for the reply. What will i do to make it available in my software list,because currently its not available in my list. what patch/catalog do i need to install?

Thanks in advance.


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Best would be to import most up to date catalog, new update has just been released.

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i uploaded nov catalog but it seems office 2007 is still missing.