Manual RELAY for DMZ network


I have using IBM BIGFIX Internet RELAY for public users, I have been configured 2 Internet RELAY for 400 Roaming users, also while installed the agent on roaming users I have mentioned in clinetsettings.cfg file like “manual relay selection process enable”

So some time the roaming users enter in to local network (office network) mean that roaming client machines will try to connect main BIGFIX server or not ?

Because we don’t have connection to communicate the Internet RELAY from local network,
it mean the roaming client (currently entering in to local network) can try to register our Internet RELAY based on manual RELAY selection process method, if getting failed mean then the client can able to communicate to the Local main BIGFIX server,

is this correct,

Your best bet is probably to enable Automatic Relay Selection, and set _BESClient_RelaySelect_FailoverRelayList to include both the root server and the Internet relay as described at

Hi JasonWalker,

If i already set as manual relay selection mean (for Internet RELAY ), the reaming client will not communicate to BIGFIX main server even the client in local network also right ?
Just want to know the technologies,