Make Task Always Available in Bigfix Support Center

I have a task in the Bigfix Support Center that I would always like to have available to run. I have done this before, but the difference is that the task in question was generated from the SWD, and the task that is working was custom. The of difference is that the task that only runs once has downloads and the other one does not.
Another difference is that the task not working runs as current user. The task in question is relevant, but not appearing in the Support Center.

The action parameters are the same.

No user interface will be shown before running this action.

No message will be shown while running this action.

This action will run independently of user presence.

User interface will be shown to all users.

This action will never expire.

It will run at any time of day, on any day of the week.

If the action becomes relevant after it has successfully executed, the action will be reapplied as a policy an unlimited number of times.

If the action fails, it will be retried up to 999 times, waiting until the computer is rebooted between attempts.

No operations will occur after the action completes.

The action probably needs to be sent as an Offer, and you’ll need to use the “Reapply while relevant, waiting X minutes between reapplications” instead of “Reapply whenever it becomes relevant again”. (“Reapply whenever it becomes relevant again” requires that the relevance toggles to False and then back to True again.)

Thanks Jason! I assume that if I set it to reapply every 15 minutes, that would cause a lot of overhead. What would you recommend for the reapply time period?

If it’s an Offer, it will only actually run again when someone accepts the offer. It just means that after the Offer is taken, it will appear again in the Support Center fifteen minutes later.

I remember there is another way to achieve this and the trick is using some relevance. Let me try to find it for you.

I saw one of your previous posts Make Offer Persistent

Isn’t that the same requirement?

I thought I had asked that question before. Thanks for finding my prior question. Anyway, I still learned something new. Although, I am not sure what the value is of checking the Offer box on the action.