MAC relevance (I'm not an expert)

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Can someone help with relevance with a MAC? I need to get versions from these files and I’m not sure how to do this on a MAC?


/Applications/Trend Micro Security

/Library/Application Support/TrendMicro/common/lib/vsapi/lpt$vpn.* (the * is going to represent a number)

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Try these:

bundle version of folder "/Library/PreferencePanes/CredentShield.PrefPane"
version of folder "/Applications/Trend Micro"

The last one I don’t know.

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This didn’t work for me.

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Will this syntax work…

if exists file “CredentShield.PrefPane” of folder “/Library/PreferencePanes” then version of file “CredentShield.PrefPane” of folder “/Library/PreferencePanes” else nothing

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For an application the following should work:

version of folder “/Applications/”

You can also get an application object, if its in /Applications or a user Applications directory, and get the version off that:

version of application “”