Live broadcast: Understanding Baselines - Thurs 2/23 @ 12:00pm EST

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Come one come all to our first ever live BigFix webcast where you, the users, get to ask questions about topics!
Since this is the first one, to kick things off with something interesting we will address baselines.

Please note as this is a new format the entire 45 minutes or so will not be a troubleshooting session. Rather it will be more of a QnA type format where the audience will get to ask questions about baselines, what are they, what they should or should not do.

It will also be an opportunity for Level 2 support to provide general guidance on this topic as we do see it come up from time to time. An incorrect understanding of baselines can lead to a loss of BigFix performance as well as other issues. Our first ever live broadcasts seeks to reach out to BigFix users directly in order to give tips and guidance on how to avoid some baselines pitfalls.

Hope to see you all there. Instructions on how join below:

Thank you,