Linux besclient deployment with su pwd

Hi I’m trying to use the client deployment wizard to deploy to linux servers but am running into an issue. We do not allow ssh login with the root account, instead we log in with a regular account and then “su” to root. How can I provide those credentials when deploying through the wizard? I’m running ver 9.5. Thanks.

You should probably skip the wizard and install the clients manually.

I tried installing the client manually by following:

It installed without a problem but I get an error after starting the client and checking on the status.
[root@xxxx BESClient]# service besclient start
Starting IBM BigFix: BESClient: [ OK ]

[root@xxxx BESClient]# service besclient status
BESClient dead but subsys locked

Any ideas what could cause this error? I already verified that SELINUX is not running.