Linux BES Clients are encountering old fixlet.fxf copied on /tmp

Hi All,

I am encountering a issue where in Unix team reports /tmp taking more space with fixlet.fxf files of 2 year old are being copied. We are not able to find the process which is copying the old data in /tmp and eventually deletes it. Is it a known issue?

As of now as a workaround we are deleting the __BESData directory and making the client to get the latest content on it so that we can monitor if the data is still being copied.

Also if we see the same pattern on BES relay, should we reset it to get the updated content and delete the old /var/opt/BESRelay/wwwrootbes/bfmirror/bfsites directory?

Please suggest!!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have heard of this.

What version of BigFix client is being used? What OS/Version?

Version of endpoint to be 10.0.8 and OS RHEL 8.

I don’t see a problem…you see some files show up in /TMP, that are eventually cleaned up by themselves, right? It’s not filling /TMP or anything?

I wouldn’t be surprised to find besrelay or BESClient uses some TMP space to extract archives, but I don’t honestly know whether it’s a documented behavior, but is there a problem?

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Yes, the files are being deleted by themselves and checking the forum on this issue and on other documentation, I didn’t find anything similar to it.
I tried to see if there might be a cron job configured to send the data to /tmp but did not see any job either.
As of now we cleaned up a client to delete the __BESData directory so that it may not hold the old fixlets to see if the same behavior is repeated on the client.

Thanks a Lot Jason for the revert.