Life cycle Manager for pc which works on dial-up or adsl

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we are doing poc at one of the customer we are facing following issue.

one of our customer having multiple stores where they have computer with internet connectivity only it using

dynamic ip address there is no lan or wan in between the stores and head office . bigfix server configured with

public ip address in head office . Now problem we are facing is that all the stores computer having same host

name and after installing the bes client in the storers it is showing in bes console with same names with diffrent

entity so we want to know how to diffrent this stores which are at diffrent location in bigfix is there any way by

which we will able to add custom field with bigfix client after installation like stores no or something.

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Do they all have different subnets? Take a look at the “Location by Subnet Wizard” and see if that helps…


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Thanks for reply

Basically at store location they have adsl modem and store computer have private ip like store

computer using this modem to connect to internet . adsl modem don’t have static public ip it is dynamic public ip

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Few more inputs

all this store computer have common host name and they are just workstation no active directory, no dns

Basically customer want Bigfix to take remote control all this store and push some patches and policies to this

store all this stores have unique id which customer want to see instead of hostname since all the computer have

same hostname and even ip will be dynamice hostname and ip address is of no use.

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You need to find some way to identify the agents and you can make a BigFix property to locate them… otherwise you will need to mark their location manually (by manul groups or by a setting at install time).